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Cadbury's Nutties refer to candied nuts (usually cashews or almonds) enrobed in chocolate casings. The saying "Good things come in small packets" has been proven right many a times and it couldn't have been truer for the pretty chocolate and caramel nuts called Nutties. Cadbury's Nutties are the unique, dark colored chocolate with crushed nuts at the centre, encased in a pack that's as colorful as the product itself. Chocolate Nutties are available under the brand of Cadburys as 'Nutties'. The sheer taste and the fun associated with eating Cadbury Nutties and the joy of sharing it with friends has made the brand a dear companion and a source of nostalgia for consumers.


Product Description

Cadbury nutties are a popular confectionary item among children and adults alike. Cadbury nutties can be used to decorate puddings, cakes, biscuits, home made chocolates and cookies. Crushed Cadbury Nutties can be added as a topping on ice creams or custards.

A blend of Rich ingredients and cadbury milk chocolate. Each pack contains Cashews enrobed in chocolates.

Health benefits

Cadbury Nutties provide a quick source of carbohydrate thus keeping hunger away.

Since the chocolate in Nutties is primarily milk chocolates, it is high in calories and sugar content. They should be eaten in moderation as they may cause dental caries.